Grand Tour of Switzerland

The 1,600 (1,000 mile) kilometer route through the most beautiful regions of Switzerland.

The Grand Tour at a Glance

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Ecological Variants

In an Electric Vehicle:

The Grand Tour of Switzerland is an exciting road trip for electric vehicles, too – for the entire 1,600 kilometer (1,000 mile) route can be covered by electric vehicles, thanks to an extensive network of 200 charging stations along the way.

By Train:

The journey through Switzerland is even more ecological on the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland. With a single train ticket, guests travel in comfort through the whole of Switzerland: sit back, gaze out the window, and enjoy.

Grand Tour of Switzerland, Stäfa
Charging Stations:

In the Zurich section, the charging stations for electric vehicles are located here.

The Zurich Section

From Einsiedeln to Schaffhausen

One section of the Grand Tour of Switzerland leads through the canton of Zurich. The route between Einsiedeln and Schaffhausen along the picturesque Lake Zurich offers a host of sights and attractions.

It is well worth stopping to take a stroll over the wooden bridge between Rapperswil and Hurden, for example. Or to admire Sechseläutenplatz and the Opera House in downtown Zurich. Zurich’s famous churches, the Grossmünster and Fraumünster, are even more interesting close up. The Fotomuseum Winterthur in the former industrial town of Winterthur provides fascinating insights into photography, while the Kunsthaus enchants art lovers with the most important collection of modern art in Zurich.

Restaurants Along the Route

On the Grand Tour of Switzerland, travelers can discover the most beautiful places in Switzerland. What’s more, the official Photo Spots guarantee the best snapshots of this adventurous trip.

The Most Beautiful Photo Spots

Hotels Along the Route

Travelers like to always be on the move, but even the most avid adventurers occasionally need to sleep. In these hotels along the Zurich section of the route, guests can be sure of getting a particularly good night’s sleep.

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