Discover Zurich on Foot

Tips and tricks for the most beautiful walks through Zurich.
Lake Promenade, Zurich

Zurich offers plenty of variety within a compact space. The main tourist attractions, trendy restaurants, museums, and nearby recreational areas are all just a short distance apart. Only on foot can visitors really immerse themselves in the city and mingle with the local inhabitants. These few expressions in Zurich dialect will help you to communicate.

The Best-Known Walks

Along the water’s edge, to the most beautiful vantage points, or through narrow, winding alleys in the Old Town: these are the most popular places to enjoy impressive walks.

Explore Under Your Own Steam

A practical map of Zurich can be obtained from the Tourist Information at Zurich Main Station. Already marked on it is a two-hour route through the Old Town. In addition, the Tourist Information staff will be happy to help you with more insider tips and personalized recommendations.

Tourist Information

Altstadtführung Zürich

Art Walks

Art is omnipresent in Zurich. Outstanding works can be found in parks, on well-known squares, on façades, and even in tucked-away courtyards. Access to the installations, murals, monuments, and projections is free of charge, making them perfect for an informative and enjoyable walk.

Discover Art in Public Spaces

La Boule d’or centenaire – Dieter Meier

Only attentive passers-by will notice the gold-plated century ball by Dieter Meier embedded in the floor of Zurich Main Station.

More Ideas for Picturesque Walks

Stroll through a central park, discover unknown oases, or climb up to the most beautiful vantage points overlooking the city. This is how it’s done: