Sustainable Stores in Zurich

Zurich is home to a wide range of stores selling environmentally friendly, ethically produced, and long-lasting favorite items.

Anyone who loves vintage furniture, second-hand fashion, and unique pieces of jewelry should be sure to browse through Zurich’s thrift stores and boutiques. Buying used or upcycled rarities also protects both the climate and your wallet. A win-win situation for everyone.

Eco Fashion

The notion that ecologically produced clothing is not chic is widespread, but nowadays could not be further from the truth. Designers are increasingly setting great store by ensuring that their fashion is produced in a sustainable and fair manner and using recyclable fabrics.

Sustainably Produced Souvenirs

The best thing to take home from Zurich for your loved ones is an original Swiss handmade article. These souvenirs are particularly attractive, made with great care, are of top quality, and are kind to the environment as they are not imported from distant countries.


True trendsetters and fashion lovers have known it for a long time: at thrift shops, you can often find unique and individual pieces that perfect your personal look.


In Switzerland, thrift shops are known as “Brockenhäuser”, or “Brockis” for short. The Swiss love browsing through these stores – after all, with a keen eye and a bit of luck, you can find some real treasures, such as designer furniture, out-of-print books, electronic items from your childhood days, practical household aids, and much more.

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