Sustainable Stores in Zurich

In Zurich, too, ecologically minded people can find a wide range of stores selling fairly traded and sustainably produced fashion, as well as a number of zero waste shops.

The notion that ecologically produced clothing is not chic is widespread, but nowadays could not be further from the truth. Designers are increasingly setting great store by ensuring that their fashion is produced in a sustainable and fair manner and using recyclable fabrics.

Ecologically minded shoppers find a variety of businesses dedicated to the reduction of food waste and shops that completely dispenses with individual packaging, so called zero waste stores.

“Fresh From Yesterday”


In close collaboration with Zurich bakeries, baked goods from the previous day are sold here at considerably reduced prices.
Swiss Food

Berg und Tal

This store attaches great importance to the respectful handling and use of food and close collaboration with local producers.
Vintage Second-Hand Furniture

Bogen 33

For years, design lovers have been able to find exquisite, classic pieces of furniture here and by purchasing them give them a new lease of life.
“Ethics Kisses Aesthetics”


Each product at Changemaker has its own story: whether it was created in a small manufactory, traded under fair conditions, or sustainably produced.
Fashion & Accessoires
The eco concept store in the heart of the Old Town, selling sustainably and ethically produced products, such as fashion, shoes, and accessories.

Hand Tools


The tools and utensils for workshops, ateliers, and writing desks are made with loving care and become even more beautiful with age and use.
Zero Waste


This store only stocks unpacked, plastic-free food. Customers bring their own containers and fill them with just as much food as they require.
Recycled Bags


The bags made from old truck tarpaulins are renowned worldwide. Even the flagship store itself is recycled: it is made of disused shipping containers.
Unique Handmade Creations


Individualists can find unique, home-made fashion and accessories in the wonderful Maiuki store in Frau Gerolds Garten.

Multifaceted Zurich

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