Tips for a Sustainable Journey to Zurich

Excellent train connections, night trains, and the best main station in Europe make it easier to travel to Zurich in an environmentally friendly way.
Hauptbahnhof Zürich

Train Instead of Stress:

Climb Aboard, Sit Down, and Enjoy.

By night train from Amsterdam, Hamburg, Vienna, or Milan: Zurich is easily accessible from cities all over Europe thanks to excellent train connections.

Travelers can plan and book their journey by train quickly and easily with Interrail or Trainline

“I Know, But ...”

Even If There Is No Other Option, Everyone Can Do Something.

Staying longer in one place and calculating the CO₂e emissions generated by the journey help protect the environment. With the myclimate calculator, you can estimate emissions, as well as make a contribution towards protecting the climate by supporting local or international projects. 


Calculate Your Emissions:

By Car
By Plane
By Cruise Ship

Not Possible?

The Alternative:

If you have no choice but to fly direct to Zurich, you should refrain from using a rental car once you are there.

In Zurich, the best and easiest way to get from one place to another is by public transportation.


Tip: Save Money.

With the practical Zürich Card city pass, travel on all public transportation – such as boats, cable cars, and the charming Polybähnli funicular – is included. In addition, e-bikes can be hired with the Zürich Card Bike. Admission to many museums is free with both cards!

1 Ticket for Everything

Swiss Travel Pass

Enjoy various day trips from Zurich by train and view the Swiss mountains, crystal-clear Alpine lakes, and picturesque towns and villages through the large panorama windows. The Most Beautiful Excursion Tips

View over Einsiedeln Abbey

Enjoy unlimited travel on 29,000 kilometers (18,000 miles) of train, bus, and boat routes thanks to the practical Swiss Travel System.

Book Swiss Travel System Tickets

Luggage Check-In

Your Luggage Travels by Itself.

The journey is even more comfortable when your luggage travels all on its own. SBB offers various options for transporting luggage and sports equipment.

Hauptbahnhof Zürich

Find out about the services offered by Swiss Federal Railways (SBB).

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