All Roads Lead to Zurich

Located in the heart of Europe, Zurich can be reached in many different ways. Those who travel by train, by bicycle, or on foot are doing something for the climate. Those coming from further afield should plan a longer visit; this protects the environment, allows you to recuperate better, and increases local value added.

Zurich Old Town, Limmat

For the Adventurous:

On foot: the most environmentally-conscious guests make their way to Zurich on foot. Long-distance hiking trails and a branch of the Way of St. James lead to the city from neighboring countries.

By bicycle: the Rhine Cycle Route No. 15 and the Atlantic–Black Sea Route No. 6 pass by Zurich. Perfect for a brief stopover in the city.

By Train

Switzerland is a nation of train travelers. Accordingly, traveling to Zurich by rail is both easy and convenient. The Swiss Travel System also saves travelers a lot of time and money. Books or games help to pass the time on the train. Or you can simply sleep your way to Zurich on the night train.

Traveling by Train to Zurich

The key information about traveling to Zurich by train can be found here.

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By Coach or Travel Bus

A coach full of people means around 30 fewer automobiles on the road. Long-distance buses are very cheap and practical. However, it is well worth checking out the various providers: is it possible to offset the journey in a climate-neutral way?

City Tour by Bus with Audioguide

Compensate CO2 Emissions

There are many ways to offset the CO2 emissions caused by a journey. With the carbon footprint calculator from myclimate, the emissions arising from travel by automobile, ship, and plane can be easily calculated and offset with appropriate climate protection projects.

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By Plane

Thanks to its international airport, Zurich is easily accessible from everywhere. You can offset your air miles by supporting climate protection projects.

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Arriving to Zurich by Plane

If you land at Zurich Airport, you may find this information useful:

Arriving at Zurich Airport

By Road

From an ecological point of view, traveling to Zurich by car is not recommended. If you have no alternative, you can help offset your emissions by filling the car with the maximum number of people permissible, choosing alternative fuels, or using car-sharing platforms.

This information is helpful for automobile drivers:

Getting Round Zurich by Car

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