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Gay Parties & LGBT Events

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, or LGBT for short, is an important scene in Zurich, which besides demonstrations, also organizes parties and festivals.

Nightlife & Party

Zurich's nightlife offers the LGBT community a broad and varied bouquet of clubs and parties. Various party labels in changing locations guarantee a lively ambiance – particularly popular are the events staged by the largest gay party organizer Angels. They include the Kitsch Party, featuring bizarre decorations, and the White Party, where guests are required to wear white. Somewhat more out-of-the-ordinary is the Gay Cruise on Lake Zurich, complete with dinner and DJ, which is held twice a year.

Festivals & Culture

Since 2009, Zurich organizes the Zurich Pride Festival every year. The three-day program features an opening and closing party, bars and food stands at the festival site, a series of concerts and shows, various parties, conferences on specific themes, and a parade through the inner city. Up to 30,000 people take part in the festival every year. Since the year 2000 the "Warmer Mai" (Warm May), a cultural month, is held annually, focusing on homosexual themes in the fields of art and culture. Kicking off the event is the Pink Apple Film Festival, featuring movie screenings, podium discussions, concerts and much more besides.

Offstream is an alternative party event for members of the LGBT community.

Sihlcity, Zürich
Dec 16, 2017

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