Outdoor Pools in Zurich

In Zurich, the city with plenty of water, swimming is a cult – and a place to cool down with a swim in the river or lake.


Campsites in Zurich

A variety of campsites attract visitors into the nature around Zurich and Lake Zurich.


Garden Terraces in Zurich

Secluded Zurich garden restaurants invite guests to relax and indulge themselves.


Open-Air Bars

Summer sees the return of the popular open-air bars to the city.


Discover Zurich

On the Zürich City Guide app, Zurich travelers can find not only key information and a digital city map, but also the practical Zürich Card city pass. If you are new to Zurich, visit the Tourist Information or take a city tour to get insider knowledge about the city.

Always Worth Seeing in Zurich: