A mindful lifestyle is in the very DNA of Zurich and the people who live here. The following tips show the city’s sustainable heart and help interested visitors to become part of this mindful lifestyle.

Stay Longer

Consciously plan more time for your stay in Zurich. Here are just some good reasons for staying longer

Zurich General View
  • Zurich is anything but boring. Get some personal advice from the staff at the Tourist Information. They know all the insider tips.
  • Get to know the locals. Break the ice with the aid of our glossary, “Zurich Dialect for Beginners”.
  • Explore Switzerland from Zurich and acquaint yourself with its different cultures. Two hours south of Zurich the locals speak Italian, two hours to the west French, and one hour southeast Romansch.

Experience all four seasons: Wintertime in Zurich is completely different from summer. Why not spend an entire year in Zurich? There are plenty of options for co-working spaces.

Soak up the City

Experience Zurich’s top quality of living.

Letten Pop-Up Restaurant

On a city break, it is tempting to want to see as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. But there is a better way of doing things: take regular breaks, sit in a park or café, take deep breaths, and observe the world around you. Immerse yourself in the nearby woods, take a dip in the lake, and delight in Zurich’s top quality of living. In Zurich, you can even see the stars at night.

These are particularly beautiful places to relax:

Keep an Open Mind

Safety and tolerance are important fundamental values in Zurich – for locals as well as for guests.

Gump Oberer Letten

Around 400,000 people of different nationalities, professions, ages, and lifestyles live peacefully together side by side. You do not need a big travel budget to experience the diversity. Such as in Zurich’s iconic open-air bathing facilities or out and about on the local public transportation.

Explore Without Limits

Enjoy Zurich to the full without a guilty conscience.

All city tours and excursions marked with a green leaf symbol either do not produce any harmful emissions or the emissions generated are offset through the Zurich-based myclimate foundation.

Find out more here

Shop Locally

The best souvenirs can be found locally.


The perfect souvenir from Zurich is one that is designed, produced, and sold here. Local designers and artisans create the most beautiful mementos for your trip to Zurich.

These are Zurich’s sustainable stores and original labels.

Choose Real Food

Produce that grows and thrives nearby tastes best.

Weekly markets

Eat local and seasonal food – you are guaranteed to love it! Nowhere does fish from Lake Zurich taste as good as when it is enjoyed sitting on the lakeshore. The wild garlic for the aromatic pesto was freshly picked in the morning and the cheese for the fondue is sold by local farmers at the weekly market. Feast with a clear conscience in one of Zurich’s many sustainable restaurants.

Stop Working, Start Creating

If you cannot or do not want to completely dispense with work during your stay in Zurich.

If you are working on saving the world, or at least on innovative solutions to create a better world, we do not want to distract you with sightseeing. Instead, we can support you with even more inspiration: in these urban locations, digital nomads and idealists meet the local creative and start-up scene and their visionary ideas.

Sleep Better

Zurich hotels attach great importance to the mindful treatment of natural resources and social issues.

Hotel Storchen exterior view

Around half of all hotel rooms in Zurich have been awarded a sustainability label. This benefits not only our planet, but also our employees and guests. In these hotels and accommodations, you will sleep better and worry-free.

Travel Smarter

The fact is: mobility is harmful for the climate. It is therefore important to make good decisions.

Reducing your own mobility is clearly the best decision for the environment. Plan your trip and opt wherever possible for environmentally friendly means of transport. Offset emissions generated by your flight. Once you arrive in Zurich, traveling smart is easy: awaiting you are a highly efficient public transportation network and attractive bike, jogging, waterfront and walking paths.


Drink, refill, repeat.

Brunnen, Zürich

In the water city of Zurich, the purest drinking water flows from over 1,000 fountains, as well as in all households. That means that if you have a water bottle (you can find the most beautiful one here) with you, you can fill it up with top-quality water for free wherever you go. That's why drinking “Züri water” is good for us and for the planet.

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