Breakfast in Zurich
How the day starts in Zurich

Breakfast and Brunch in Zurich

In Switzerland, breakfast is part of everyday life. This is why many Zurich cafés and restaurants offer "Zmorgä" (breakfast).

The perfect day begins with a hearty breakfast. The Bircher muesli recipe was invented by physician Max Bircher-Benner in Zurich, the capital of muesli.  For others, croissants, braided bread with butter and jam, fried eggs or cheese also have their place on the breakfast table.

The selection below features Zurich restaurants and cafés that offer brunches or breakfast buffets. Restaurants are arranged by those who exclusively serve brunch buffets or breakfast menus and those who offer a weekday breakfast menu. Also included is a selection of breakfast options around Lake Zurich.

Spoiled with choice: These brunch buffets offer a variety of delicacies.
These places offer breakfast menus on weekends.
Breakfast & Brunch
These places offer breakfast plates and brunches weekdays in Zurich.
Breakfast in the Open
Enjoy a breakfast in the countryside outside Zurich City: In these cafés and restaurants.

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