May 12 – 21, 2023

Every year, over 15,000 visitors attend the around 175 events that are held in public places and sold-out locations all over the city of Zurich. Over the three festival days, numerous courses, sensational performances, movies and parties are held on the theme of dance and movement.

Zürich Tanzt is on a mission to transpose the medium of dance to public places, and on doing so not only to take spectators on a dynamic journey, but also to encourage them to spontaneously join in. The focal point of the festival is Zurich Main Train Station. Here, over a period of two days, passers-by are invited to take part in different styles of dance – urban and breakdance, Irish and English folk dance, salsa and swing, right through to the melancholic and soulful milonga. Live bands and DJs dictate the rhythm and make the vaulted ceilings of the train station vibrate.

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