Wine in Zurich

In Zurich, wine lovers can find both a tradition-steeped and an aspiring wine culture, with a great many wine bars, wine stores, and wine fairs.

Wine is produced not only in the so-called Weinland region in the north of the canton, but also by Lake Zurich and in the heart of the city. And not just in recent years: old engravings show that in the 18th century, virtually all the suitable green areas in the city and along the lake were planted with vines.

Nowadays, wine production is experiencing a renaissance in Zurich. With 608 hectares of vineyards and some 600 vintners, the canton of Zurich is the most important wine-growing region in German-speaking Switzerland. The wines that Zurich’s vintners fill into the bottles meet the approval of wine lovers, as many awards testify. The portfolio ranges from Riesling-Silvaner, Räuschling and Kerner, to Gewürztraminer, right through to Pinot Noir, Merlot and Zweigelt.

Whether directly at a vineyard, in one of the wine bars listed below, or at the spectacular Expovina wine fair, held on 12 boats moored at Burkliplatz: no visit to Zurich is complete without a glass of Zurich wine. 

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