Must-Do’s in Zurich 2024

10 reasons to visit Zurich in the new year.

100 Years Kronenhalle

An institution for art and food connoisseurs.

Restaurant Kronenhalle Zurich Interior View

This establishment is cult for at least two reasons:

  1. Important original works by Picasso, Kandinsky, Chagall, and Mirò hang on the walls.
  2. The traditional dish: Zürcher Geschnetzeltes.

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Rose Fountains

A Spring Greeting from the Old Town Churches


In the week leading up to Easter, Zurich’s residents and visitors are treated to the sight of beautifully decorated fountains. This attraction in the city center has already become a much-loved tradition.

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Eidgenössisches Trachtenfest

Custom in the Heart of the City

Eidgenössisches Trachtenfest

The 26 Swiss cantons come together for a huge traditional costume festival only once every 12 years. In 2024, this spectacular event will be held in Zurich: skirts, shawls, and buttons are already being cleaned, pressed, and polished to look their very best.

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Where Classic meets Electronic


At TonhalleLATE, musicians from the renowned Tonhalle Orchestra and DJs of electronic sounds reinterpret classical music. The musical fusion is always an adventure that gets guests in the mood for the club night that follows.

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Relax at Schanzengraben

The Venice of Zurich


Without gondoliers, but with cheerfully splashing water, shady trees, and Zurich locals enjoying their lunch by the water.


Open-Air Movie Theater since 1994

Filmfluss, Zurich

As soon as the last guests have left the bathing facility and the sun has gone down, the Flussbad Unterer Letten is transformed into one of the most popular outdoor movie theaters.

Filmfluss Program

Focus on the Bicycle

Zurich on Two Wheels


The UCI Road and Para-Cycling Road World Championships are taking place in Zurich for the first time. All the races start and finish in the city center. The event not only invites people to come and watch, but also to become interested in cycling in general. How about a guided e-bike tour or a downhill ride on the Uetliberg?


Fall Delights for the Palate


The specialty comprising chestnuts, kirsch, and vanilla processed into a puree and pressed into spaghetti-like worms is known as vermicelles. And vermicelles served with meringue and whipped cream are pure love!


Melted Cheese

Warmth for Body and Soul

Fondue tram

In Zurich, fondue is always a great option – whether classic style in a restaurant, in a cozy timber chalet, on a city tour in an eTukTuk, or on board a streetcar.

The Best Fondue Locations in Zurich

Christmas Magic

Enchanting Advent

Märlitram, Zurich

When the Märlitram trundles through the streets of Zurich, even the hearts of the biggest Christmas scrooges melt. Only children are allowed on board, but the streetcar is unbeatable as a Christmas photo subject.

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