Panoramic Views
The Most Beautiful Views in Zurich
These are the best places for perfect sunsets, beautiful souvenir photos and unforgettable moments.

The Most Beautiful Views in Zurich

Whether sitting in a cafe, swimming in thermal baths, or reaching for the stars: these vantage points are where the most beautiful memories of Zurich are created.

Anyone who wants to take the most attractive selfie with Zurich in the background, is looking for the perfect place for a marriage proposal, or simply wishes to view the City on the Limmat, with all its waterways and parks, from above, should be sure to visit these vantage points in Zurich.

The Classic


One of the most beautiful panoramas of Zurich’s city and lake can be enjoyed from Waid, located between the urban quarters of Wipkingen and Höngg.
From God’s House


This view of the Old Town, Limmat and Lake Zurich is simply awesome: climb up the Karlsturm, one of the two towers of the Grossmünster Church.
Fully Relaxed

Zurich Thermal Baths

Fancy relaxing in warm water while looking out over the city? Not a problem at the Zurich Thermal Baths & Spa.
In the Trendy Quarter

Freitag Tower

Whether before, during or after purchasing an original Freitag bag, a visit to the roof of the tower is obligatory.
Close to the Stars

Jules Verne Panorama Bar

Here, romantics can enjoy a 360° panorama of the city center. And in the Urania Observatory, one floor up, you can reach for the sun, moon and stars.
In the Heart of the City

George Bar & Grill

Three different directions, three different perspectives of Zurich – that can be enjoyed from the terrace of the George Bar & Grill.


The historically important Lindenhof is a real oasis. It also offers the most beautiful views of the guild houses and the Grossmünster Church.
Zürich-West in View


On the 35th floor of the Prime Tower, guests are treated to delicious gin creations and a spectacular panorama of Zürich-West.
On Zurich’s Own Mountain


A trip up the Uetliberg is an absolute must. And those who dare can climb to the top of the lookout tower and gain an additional 72 meters of view!


Students at the ETH have a beautiful terrace with a view. But they are not the only ones – as fortunately it is accessible to the public, too.
By Funicular Railway


The funicular takes 122 seconds to reach the “Rigiblick” stop, where a hotel, theater and fabulous view are awaiting curious visitors.
Surrounded by Greenery


The tram trip to the “Zoo” stop and a walk to the Sorell Hotel Zürichberg is rewarded with breathtaking vistas.
With the Best Cocktail

Rooftop Bar

From the Rooftop Bar, the delectable cocktails and dumplings are matched by the views over the Bahnhofstrasse and the rooftops of downtown Zurich.

Multifaceted Zurich

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