Zurichs Best Restaurants
For all gourmets in Zurich and the surroundings – The best restaurants in Zurich with high-quality international cuisine or traditional Swiss specialties.

Zurich Restaurant Guide

Zurich is the right place to be for gourmets and lovers of good food.

Traditional Swiss cuisine in rustic taverns, haute cuisine in innovative top restaurants, or colorful food markets with culinary delicacies from all over the world – Zurich has something to please every palate.

Guests holding a Zürich Card receive a culinary surprise in many restaurants. See all Zürich Card restaurants here.

Good to Know – Eating in Zurich

  • An absolute must: the typical Zurich specialty, Zürcher Geschnetzeltes with rösti
  • Opened in 1898: Zurich is home to the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world, the Hiltl
  • Super-food pioneer: a Zurich physician invented the famous bircher muesli at the end of the 19th century
  • Dining with Chagall: in the tradition- steeped restaurant, the Kronenhalle, (art) connoisseurs are surrounded by works by Chagall and Bonnard.
Secluded Zurich garden restaurants invite guests to relax and indulge themselves.
Around Lake Zurich
The restaurants around Lake Zurich offer culinary delights and magnificent views.
In Zurich, these restaurants are simply cult, and guests should visit at least one of them.
Child-friendly restaurants welcome their youngest guests with children’s menus and play facilities.
City of the Guilds
Dining in style: These Zurich restaurants are housed in history-steeped guild houses.
Zurich without its traditional Swiss cheese fondue is inconceivable.
Restaurant Tips
In Zurich, burger lovers are spoilt for choice. These are the favorites of the local residents.
Restaurant Tips
In Zurich, fans of meatless cuisine can find an abundance of vegan and vegetarian restaurants.
Restaurant Tips
Numerous hotels, cafés and restaurants in Zurich and the Zurich region offer brunch.
Typical Zurich
Sweet? Alcoholic? Or spicy? Zurich produces delicacies to suit every taste.
Autumn in Zurich
Wild game specialties, mushrooms and roasted chestnuts – delicious dining in Zurich
May 16 – 26, 2019
The Zurich food festival sure to tickle your taste buds.
Varied Food Culture
Spring has arrived when the forests in and around Zurich smell of wild garlic.
Varied Food Culture
Zurich’s culinary fall also features mushroom dishes made with fresh wild mushrooms from the region.
Zürich by
As the film shows, Lake Zurich is not just Adrian’s workplace, but also where he goes to relax.
Discover Zurich
There are many restaurants rich in tradition on Bahnhofstrasse, but also fashionable ones in Zurich-West.
Feast your way through the city

Multifaceted Zurich

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