Zurich Restaurant Guide

Zurich is the food hotspot of Switzerland. Are you ready to eat to your heart’s content?

Sweet, Savory, Vegan, Fusion, or Molecular?

Zurich’s cuisine knows no limits when it comes to food. Besides regional specialties such as “Zürcher Geschnätzeltes” and “Rösti”, food lovers can find international trends, new interpretations, and culinary rarities. The widely-traveled Zurich chefs love to combine their inspirations from far-off lands with local produce. This is reflected in the outstanding quality and readiness to experiment in the food hotspot, Zurich.

All Restaurants in Zurich

Typical Zurich

You simply have to taste local specialties when traveling to different places. Among Zurich’s culinary classics are “Luxemburgerli”, “Birchermüesli”, and “Züri Gschnätzlets”. The most iconic restaurants – including some with a tradition stretching back 100 years and more – are a must on the Zurich program of every foodie.

Zurich, the Fresh Food Paradise

Many Zurich chefs buy the fresh produce for their dishes directly from the market or team up with local producers. When it comes to wine, cheese, vegetables, or fish, the motto in Zurich is: regional and seasonal.

Food Tour Through the West of Zurich

Those who want to discover Zurich in a particularly indulgent way can take part in a culinary city tour. It takes inquisitive food lovers to popular locales where they can sample the specialties of the house.

Pro tip: With the Zürich Card, this city tour is 25% cheaper!

Zurich Food Tour

For Breakfast

The locals love a hearty breakfast. Like-minded visitors will find a huge selection of restaurants and cafés in Zurich that serve breakfast.

Comfort Food

If you’re watching your figure, keep on scrolling. Or turn a blind eye – because these restaurants do not pay much attention to calories or guests’ waistlines. Here the focus is much more on healing the soul ­­with comfort food.

For the Little Ones

Young children are also welcome in Zurich. Many restaurants offer children’s menus, toys to play with, and even a special children’s table. Here, the youngest guests can eat under the supervision of a childcare professional, while their parents enjoy a relaxed meal at a separate table.

Child-Friendly Restaurants

Loose Moose


Ask the staff if they have something for children to play with. In many restaurants, you will be surprised at what they have to offer.

In Summer

Summer gives Zurich a real Mediterranean feel. At this time of year, many people spend much of their time outdoors. Countless restaurants and bars entice guests outside into the open air: onto the shores of Lake Zurich, into secluded gardens, or to the popular “Badi-Bars”.