Zurich Old Town

The historic heart of the city beats on both sides of the Limmat river, where guild houses, churches and historic places line the romantic little streets and adorn the hidden corners.

Starting at the Zurich Main Station, you can easily discover the Old Town – including the famous “Niederdorf”– on your own. The attractions listed below are the ultimate must-sees of Zurich’s historic city center.

Those who want to learn more about Zurich’s history and past, can participate in the most popular guided city tour, the “Zurich Old Town Walking Tour”. On this tour, professional guides offer fascinating insights on the origins of Switzerland’s biggest city, explain its significance for Switzerland through the ages and also report on famous Zurich personalities.

A Guided Walking Tour

Discover Zurich’s Old Town

On this tour, professional guides reveal fascinating facts about Zurich and tell amusing and astonishing anecdotes.
The Beginning


Apart from the Grossmünster church, the Bahnhofstrasse is undoubtably the most famous landmark of the historic city center. Back in the days, this luxurious shopping street used to be a ditch.
Historic Main Street


In fact, the Rennweg used to be the largest street in Zurich. Today, visitors enjoy the exclusive boutiques and the famous Widder Hotel as well as the romantic Christmas lighting.
The Former - and Literal - Market Place


Did you know, that the world-famous financial center in the heart of Zurich was commonly used as a cattle market in the 18th century?
Ready, Steady, Cameras out!


The Augustinergasse lined with old and colorful houses adorned with bay windows, lanterns and arches is especially beautiful and immensely photogenic.
The Oldest Church

St. Peter Church

Not only is St. Peter the oldest church in Zurich, it also has the largest tower clock face in Europe. Two records are definitely worth a visit.
Were Everything Started


To this day, a tombstone from the year 180 A.D. is placed on the way up to the Lindenhof. Why? On it, Turicum was first mentioned – the ancient name for Zurich.
Place of Transshipment


In medieval times, the «Schipfe» used to be a place of transshipment for important goods. In the 16th century, the silk and naval industry as well as public baths started to settle here.
Uraniastrasse Police Station

Giacometti Murals

The most beautiful precinct in the world is situated in Zurich's Old Town, where Augusto Giacometti's magnificent murals (1925) adorn the vaulted ceiling and the walls.

Multifaceted Zurich

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