Zurich’s Old Town

The historic heart of the city beats on both sides of the Limmat river. Here guild houses, churches, historic squares, and hidden-away places nestle alongside each other.

Attractions of the Old Town:

The attractions listed below are the ultimate must-sees of Zurich’s historic city center.

Streets and Alleys:

Starting at the Zurich Main Station, you can easily discover the Old Town – including the famous “Niederdorf”– on your own.

Zurich Old Town Walking Tour

Those who want to learn more about Zurich’s eventful past can participate in the most popular guided city tour, the “Zurich Old Town Walking Tour”.

On this tour, professional guides offer fascinating insights into the origins of Switzerland’s biggest city, explain its significance for Switzerland through the ages, and also relate stories about famous Zurich personalities.


Zurich Old Town Walking Tour

Pro Tip:

With the Zürich Card, guests can benefit from 50% discount on this tour.

Squares and Gardens:

Visitors to the Old Town will find peace, relaxation, and plenty to please the eye in the beautiful gardens and parks, and on terraces with great views.

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