The Locales on Langstrasse

In earlier times a red light district, today a party boulevard: the heart of Zurich’s nightlife beats on Langstrasse.

Langstrasse links the Kreis 4 and 5 districts and, to a certain extent, the whole city: nowhere else in Zurich do so many different people and milieus come together as along the party mile in the heart of Zurich. Whether during the week or on weekends, there is always something going on here – with locales ranging from laid-back bars to noisy and sweaty underground clubs. 

Fixed Feature


Hardly an evening on Langstrasse passes without stopping off at the Longstreet – and sometimes it is spent entirely in the bar with its mini-disco.
Hot Cellar


Underground in both senses of the word: from Langstrasse, a staircase leads down to the club, with its strictly non-electronic music program.
Electronic Mecca


Many go “back to the future” every weekend – the club with its large smoker’s party room has been a permanent feature of the music scene for years.
Convivial Watering Place

Bar 63

The bar with the legendary tiki drinks is sometimes quiet, sometimes boisterous, but always friendly and cozy.
Musical Output


At the headquarters of the alternative radio station,, you can enjoy drinks to excellent sounds – live on air.
Midnight Snacks

Fat Tony

Funky beats, thick pizza slices, and always something to see – whether before, after, or during clubbing (the Gonzo is directly below).
Tongue-in-Cheek Attitude


The name is ironic, just like the beer served in a wine glass: here, people simply enjoy celebrating, often with live DJs.
Dimly-Lit Ambiance

Hotel Bar

Dark wood, brown leather, flattering light – the bar not far from Langstrasse is perfect for first dates and deep conversations.
Attention to Detail


Small, uncomplicated, and cool-yet-warmhearted, the Acid has rapidly climbed to the top of the list of the locals’ favorite bars.

Multifaceted Zurich

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