Useful Information and Tips for your Visit to Zurich

When are Zurich’s public holidays? What emergency phone numbers do I need to know? Visitors to Zurich can find the answers to these and many other questions here.

In this overview, city discoverers can find the most important information about the Zurich dialect, local public holidays, emergency phone numbers, foreign exchange and power sockets – as well as useful everyday tips, such as what is considered to be an appropriate tip in Zurich‘s restaurants, and where you can also shop on a Sunday.

Tourist Information
Here you find a selection of apps that could be interesting for your stay in Zurich.
Tourist Information
Discover all about public holidays in and around Zurich
Practical Information
What currency is used in Switzerland, where are cash points located, and where can you change money?
In an Emergency
This list will help you to swiftly get the right help in an emergency.
Electric Power and Wi-Fi
All the key information about electric power and Internet access in Zurich.
Traveling to Zurich
The key links relating to entering Switzerland at a glance.
Small Lexicon
Impress the locals with a few words in Zurich dialect.

Multifaceted Zurich

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