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Zurich’s Best Burgers
A guide through the city’s best burger restaurants

The Best Burgers in Zurich

Lovers of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, or pulled pork or veggie burgers should be sure to visit these restaurants.

Made with top-quality ground beef, pulled pork or as a vegetarian option: in Zurich, too, burgers are extremely popular. If you were to ask the locals where you can eat the best hamburgers in town, the following places would figure on the list:

The Quality Burger

The Bite

In the heart of the vibrant Langstrasse quarter, The Bite impresses with its first-class ingredients. Guests rave about the weekly specials with international influences.
The Elegant Burger


In the elegantly furnished Restaurant Korner, lovers of this classic bun & meat specialty can tuck into sophisticated gourmet variations.
The Classic Burger

Helvti Diner

The classics from the USA taste even better amidst a 1950s diner ambiance: in addition to burgers, there are hot dogs, onion rings and sandwiches.
The Local Burger

Holy Cow!

At the Holy Cow!, all the ingredients – from the meat to the bun right through to the beverages – originate from Switzerland. Simply delicious!
the Giant

Big Ben Westside

There’s no holding back here: 2x140g of meat can be found not only in the Swisscheese XXL with raclette cheese, but also the Lumberjack with blue cheese.
The Eco Burger


b. good also sets great store by fresh, local produce. In the restaurant, the menu states from which farm the meat or vegetables originated.
The Insider Tip

Gerold Chuchi

An insider tip is the Gerold burgers at Gerolds Chuchi. This outlandish restaurant is housed in the Hive nightclub in the urban Zürich-West quarter.
The Complete Burger

James Joyce Pub

If you order the “Complete Burger”, you will get a burger covered with melted raclette cheese and a fried egg, and served with fried onions and French fries.
The Vegan Burger


With its black bun, the Manson Burger served at the vegan restaurant, Elle’n’Belle, is not just a real eye-catcher, but it tastes delicious too!
The Healthy Burger


“Healthy as f**k” is the motto at the restaurant, The Butcher. This relates to its fresh, regional produce, which is free from artificial preservatives.
The British Burger

Lion Pub

A lot of people don’t know that at the Lion Pub, located close to the Bahnhofstrasse, guests can enjoy excellent burgers as well as a tasty pint.
The Home-Made Burger

Jack & Jo

The buns used for Jack & Jo’s burgers are made in-house and served with the freshest regional produce and hand-cut French fries. Mmmm…

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