Sport and Relaxation

Zurich is a sports paradise with secluded hiking paths, thrilling bike trails, relaxing bathing areas, and exclusive fitness and wellness facilities.
Matteo kayaking through the city of Zurich

On Foot

On secluded hiking paths or thrilling bike trails, or along the picturesque lake promenades, sports enthusiasts can practice their sport and at the same time enjoy the spectacular landscape around Lake Zurich.

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On Wheels

Whether on a mountain bike, city bike, inline skates, skateboard, or other device with wheels: this is how sporty people get around in Zurich.

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In the Water

With Lake Zurich, numerous riverside or lakeside bathing areas, and open-air and indoor swimming pools, water rats will find a real water paradise in Zurich.

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Under the Roof

Whether visitors are seeking relaxation or want to be more active, Zurich offers an extensive range of fitness and wellness facilities so they can do something good for body, mind and soul even when the weather is bad.

In Winter

Winter sports enthusiasts are also spoilt for choice in Zurich. Cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, tobogganing, and ice-skating are all possible in the city and above all in the region around Lake Zurich.

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The City Trip for Active People

The experience starts right at the hotel door: pétanque, yoga and sauna – everything is in walking distance. After a weekend full of wonderful moments in Zurich’s nature, Silvia is relaxed to the max.

Silvia started her day with the sun salutation. Later she went sailing and swimming. She played pétanque and visited the Kunsthaus.

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Silvia active relaxation Zurich

Matteo Also Experienced a lot

Matteo rarely had such a good night’s sleep than in Zurich. No wonder, after such an exciting, active weekend full of inspiration in the city.

Matteo went biking. He played ping-pong, learned salsa dance, and dared the Beam Challenge.

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Matteo active relaxation Zurich

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