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Sample, purchase and discover both local and international beers

Sample and purchase beer in Zurich

Microbreweries are booming – in Zurich, too. These bars, stores, and events are all devoted to the hop-based beverage.

So-called craft beers are taking bars and specialty stores all over the world by storm. Zurich and the region around Lake Zurich also have many taste beer types to offer. The following Zurich beers can be purchased direct from the warehouse ramp or in the brewery store:

  • Amboss – can be bought direct from the ramp close to Zurich Main Train Station
  • Bier Paul – fans can find this craft beer in the brewery store in Zürich-West
  • Obersee Brau Union – sold from the ramp in picturesque Rapperswil
  • Wädenswiler Biere – available directly in its own guesthouse and from the ramp
  • Einsiedler Bier – sold not only, but also, in the monastery town direct from the ramp
  • BF (Bier Factory) – beer lovers can also purchase the BF product range from the ramp in Rapperswil-Jona
  • Chopfab – can be bought direct from the ramp in Winterthur

Those who would like to sample these local beers, as well as many other national and international variants of the hop beverage, should visit the following locales or events:

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101 different beer types, concerts and a relaxed atmosphere can be enjoyed at the craft beer bar, Eldorado, near Limmatplatz.
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Kaiser Franz

Here beer and football are king – or rather kaiser. The small bar for fans of both the round leather ball and a wide selection of beers.
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Restaurant Steinfels

Steinfels Bier is produced in the in-house brewery. Here it tastes best in combination with a Steinfels burger.
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The “liquid gold” flows out of 20 taps and one hand pump at this locale in Zurich’s university quarter.
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Zurich Beer Festival

The festival devoted to beer presents over 250 types from all over the world. Here guests can find out more about beer from the brewers in person.
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Casino Zürich

The beer produced by the Obersee Brau Union is available, among other places, at the Casino Zürich in the heart of the city.
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Brewery Tour

The best opportunity to discover, experience and taste Zurich beers is on the guided brewery tour in the trendy quarter of Zürich-West.

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