Specialties from Zurich

What does Zurich taste like? And what do the locals eat? This list reveals Zurich’s absolute culinary classics, as well as two or three specialties from the surrounding region.

Zürich Geschnetzeltes, Birchermüesli and Luxemburgerli: Every guest visiting the City on the Limmat should try these popular Zurich specialties at least once. The culinary delights are served in numerous restaurants and can also be purchased in many places in the city. In our list, you will also find some tips about where the dish or product tastes particularly delicious.

The Classic

Zürich Geschnetzeltes

This veal dish, usually served with rösti potatoes, is especially tasty at the Kronenhalle, surrounded by genuine artworks by Picasso and Chagall.
Light & Airy Temptation


A confectioner from Luxembourg brought a macaroon recipe to the Confiserie Sprüngli. It was refined – and in 1957 the Luxemburgerli was born.
A Healthy Treat


The world-famous Bircher muesli was created by Zurich physician and nutritionist, Max Bircher-Benner. This healthy dish can be found all over Zurich.
The Honey Cookies


Tirggel are thin, crispy cookies made from honey, flour and spices, and are often distributed at public festivals, They can be purchased at Globus.
Risk of Addiction

Straumann Hüppen

These long wafer rolls have a creamy chocolate filling. The name is said to derive from the Greek word, “hopyes”, meaning “a host-like wafer”.
The Cult Sausage


The most popular product from the Keller family firm is the Wiedikerli – a grilled pork bratwurst, named after the Wiedikon quarter.
Local Ingredients

Turicum Gin

Turicum Gin contains spices and ingredients from Zurich: lime blossom from the Lindenhof and hand-picked pine cone tips from the nearby forests.
The City Sausage


The Stadtjäger is an air-dried raw sausage that is entirely prepared and cured in the city of Zurich.
The City Honey


On the roof of the Marriott Hotel, 18 bee colonies are industriously buzzing away. They are producing Zurich-Honey, which is on sale at Jelmoli.

Multifaceted Zurich

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