Typical Zurich
12 specialties from Zurich and the surrounding region
Zurich offers a wealth of culinary specialties, from classic treats like wine and chocolate to surprises such as top-quality gins.

12 Specialties from the Zurich Region

Typical Zurich dishes

1 Zurich classic

Zurich Geschnetzelte, or, as the locals call it, “Züri Gschnätzlets”; is a veal-based dish traditionally served with a “Rösti”, a flat patty made out of grated potato. But watch out: in the original recipe, the meat is mixed with calves’ kidneys. If you’re not keen on that idea, make sure you check with your waiter to find out whether the dish contains kidneys or not.

Eat here: Kronenhalle, Zunfthaus zur Waag, Restaurant Kindli

2 Walking on air

Though it may not sound like it, the airy, macaron-like “Luxemburgerli” is a true Zurich classic. Its misleading name can be traced back to the Luxembourgian confectioner Camille Studer, who brought the recipe over from France when he started working at Confiserie Sprüngli in Zurich. A few tweaks to the recipe led to the creation of the original Zurich “Luxemburgerli” in 1957.

Buy here: Confiserie Sprüngli

3 A healthy start to the day

The world famous “Birchermüesli” was developed by the Zurich-based doctor and nutritionist Max Bircher-Benner. He used this whole food product to treat patients suffering from digestive problems or jaundice. Back then, his idea was met with laughter from experts.

Eat here: Confiserie Honold, Café Schober, Confiserie Sprüngli

4 Honey-based treats

Tirggel is a hard cookie made of honey, flour, and spices, normally eaten at Sechseläuten (Zurich's spring festival) and at Christmas. Its distinctive design features images embossed onto each and every Tirggel.

Buy here: Globus Bahnhofstrasse, Globus Bellevue

5 You can’t eat just one

Straumann Hüppen Factory Shop, Wädenswil by Lake Zurich

Straumann Hüppen are delicate wafer rolls with a cream filling. Their name is said to stem from the Greek word “hopyes”, meaning “wafer”. The family-run business near Lake Zurich is now in its second generation. Earlier, Ulrich Straumann produced the delicacies right in the heart of Zurich’s Langstrassen quarter.

Buy here: Straumann Hüppen, Globus Bahnhofstrasse, Globus Bellevue, Jelmoli

6. Sausage Heaven

The Metzgerei Keller has been situated at Manesseplatz since 1934 and today is one of the leading butcher’s shops in the Zurich region. Among the family firm’s most popular products is without doubt the “Wiedikerli” – a grilled pork bratwurst, named after the Zurich quarter of Wiedikon where it originated.

Buy here: Metzgerei Keller

New creations

7 A local drink

The juniper-based drink gin is famous all over the world. Turicum Gin contains a few extra ingredients unique to Zurich, such as lime blossom leaves from Lindenhof and hand-picked fir buds from the forests of Zurich.

Buy here: Stubä, Globus Bahnhofstrasse, Globus Bellevue, Jelmoli, Market Hall Viadukt (Berg und Tal)

8 City sausage

The “Stadtjäger” (“city sausage”) is an air-cured sausage produced by Mika Lanz in the heart of Zurich. It is made exclusively from organic pork from a local farm.

Buy here: Market Hall Viadukt (Berg und Tal) | Eat here: Berta Bar, Daniel H.Stazione Paradiso

9 Urban honey

On the roof of the Marriott Hotel, a five-minute walk from Zurich main station, you will hear the buzz of eighteen colonies of bees zipping through the air. They are working hard to produce top-class “Zürihonig”, which is bottled in honeycomb-shaped jars for discerning honey fans.

Buy here: Globus Bahnhofstrasse, Globus Bellevue, Jelmoli, Zurich Marriott Hotel, Market Hall Viadukt (Berg und Tal)

10 From old to new

The two young Leibacher brothers have dedicated themselves to the traditional yet dying art of Biber baking. After deciding on a change of career, they learned how to make these hand-crafted cookies from scratch. Their lovingly crafted Leibacher Biber can be found in countless shops around the city.

Buy here: Globus Bahnhofstrasse, Globus Bellevue, Hiltl Shop, Market Hall Viadukt (Berg und Tal), Juckerhof Seegräben, Bächlihof Jona

From the Zurich region

11 All things cherry

In Zug, you can’t go anywhere without encountering cherry-based delicacies. As well as cherry schnapps, residents of Zug also produce Zug cherry tart (Zuger Kirschtorte) and cherry sausages. They even celebrate a cherry festival. During the “Chriesisturm” (cherry storm) race, teams of two carry 26-ft-long cherry-picking ladders through Zug's Old Town to celebrate the start of the cherry season. 

Buy here (Zuger Kirschtorte): Treichler

12 Sweet treats from Baden

Spanisch Brötli is a light pastry square which was particularly popular among the Zurich nobility in the 17th century. However, because luxurious confectionery was banned in Zurich following the Reformation, rich families sent their servants to Baden at night to bring back the delicacies under the cover of darkness.

Buy here: Moser's Bakery, Himmel-Baden


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