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The Grand Train Tour at a Glance

The Grand Train Tour is an unforgettable travel experience that takes visitors right across Switzerland. It is suitable for anyone who wants to sit back, relax, and take in Switzerland's stunning scenery. Covering 8 sections, the itinerary takes passengers along breathtaking panoramic routes through most of Switzerland. The train journey, which is 1,280 kilometers (795 miles) long in total, can be experienced all year round departing from Zurich. It takes adventure seekers from Zurich to Alpine hotspots, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and world-famous landmarks such as the Chapel Bridge and the Matterhorn.

But First: Zurich

But before the trip begins, there’s Zurich to discover. The City by the Water is a historical gem with a charming Old Town, narrow, winding alleys, history-steeped buildings, and picturesque squares. However, Zurich is also overflowing with vitality, impresses with innovation and design, and has urban nooks and crannies that harbor all kinds of surprises. In one or even better two days, visitors can explore the historic center and some of the most exciting urban quarters around it. And a boat trip on Lake Zurich is an absolute must!

Practical When on the Move:

With the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland app, travelers always have a personal digital tour guide conveniently to hand on their cell phone. It contains information about the upcoming tourist attractions, reveals fascinating fun facts along the route, and invites users to collect and share stamps and awards. The app can be downloaded free of charge in the App and Google Play Stores and is available in seven languages.

Grand Train Tour App

Download the app:

How and Where Can I Buy a Ticket for the Grand Train Tour?

Packages and Individual Tickets

Further information, as well as special packages or individual trips with a suitable ticket, can be found here.

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