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Guided City Tours, Excursions and Unique Experiences
Whether you would like to explore the city by bus, on a segway, by boat or walking: Zurich offers a wide range of themed city tours for every taste.

Guided City Tours, Excursions and Unique Experiences in Zurich

Make the most of your stay in Zurich and plan a special activity for your trip. Get to know the city on a guided tour, join an excursion to famous Swiss sights or book an unusual, creative or competitive activity with your travel companions.

Be sure not to miss an excursion to Switzerland's fantastic mountains and get a taste of the famous Swiss cheese and chocolate.

Would you like to make your Zurich trip unforgettable? Book one of the unusual, creative or competitive group activities and experience something new: cheese making, scavenger hunts, rope park adventures or a whisky seminar – the possibilities are endless.

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Guided Tours & Excursions
Clever urban explorers discover Zurich on a guided city tour.
Guided Tours & Excursions
On these special city tours, guests discover Zurich in a completely different way.
Guided Tours & Excursions
These tours are particularly suitable for groups of work colleagues, family or friends.
Guided Tours & Excursions
In Zurich, gourmets have an array of culinary guided tours and activities to choose from.
Guided Tours & Excursions
The snow and perpetual ice in the Swiss Alps can be quickly and easily reached from Zurich.
Guided Tours and Excursions
In Zurich, men can really live it up as they bid farewell to the groom-to-be’s life as a single.
Guided Tours & Excursions
Zurich has some great surprises in store for the bride-to-be and her best friends to celebrate the end of her...
Guided Tours & Excursions
Cheese, watches, chocolate and mountains. These typical Swiss products can be investigated more closely in...
Guided Tours & Excursions
These active excursions and experiences in Zurich guarantee that no one will ever get bored.

Multifaceted Zurich

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