Dada: the Art Movement from Zurich

Dada? Dada!

Over a century ago, a small group of artists turned the whole of Zurich on its head. The international group called itself “Dada” and met in the Cabaret Voltaire. Here, in the heart of the Old Town, the collective recited meaningless sound poems, created collages from all kinds of materials, and presented previously unseen dance performances. Their activities also included staging disruptive actions in restaurants and publishing bizarre false reports in the newspapers. Sensation-seeking, avantgarde and wild, Dada paved the way for subsequent movements such as surrealism and pop art.

The Dada City Tour

This fascinating city tour takes both die-hard Dada fans and Dada novices to the art movement’s most important sites. During the walk, the tour guides relate in an impressive way how the completely different artists, writers, and performance artists found their way to Zurich and how they quickly turned the hitherto unassuming city upside-down.

Dada Fakten

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Dada City Tour

Dada in Brief

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