The Best Live Music Venues in Zurich

Whether jazz, electro, rock, or hip-hop – live music is always a special experience. These venues in Zurich are particularly known for their concert culture.

Seeing their favorite musicians play live on stage is a highlight for every fan. And even more so if the stage is not too far away, but instead located in a small locale with a personal ambiance. These venues in Zurich offer a perfect setting for an intimate, intensive concert experience, no matter what the music style. 

Where Jazz is at Home


This concert venue has made a name for itself far beyond the national borders – here everything from jazz to electro is played live.
Where the Indie Scene is Flourishing


The home base of the alternative music scene in Zurich – relaxed, open, and extremely laid-back.
Where the Train Thunders Above It

Bogen F

A room under the railway viaduct, with a circular ceiling and fantastic acoustics.
Where the Stage is Round


An amazing 180 degree stage promises out-of-the-ordinary concert experiences.
Where Music Can Also Be Politics

Red Factory

A cultural institution at a prime location directly by the lake – here the musical program ranges from punk to techno.
Where Everyone Can Perform


Music for the general public: whether pop songs or death metal, the Volkshaus always manages to fetch the biggest stars onto its stage.
Where Everyone Feels at Home

Stall 6

This restaurant on the River Sihl is not just a concert venue, but also a theater foyer and bar.
Where Newcomers and Stars Jam

Mehrspur Music Club

The music of the future is being created in this musical laboratory – spanning music genres and cosmopolitan.
Where Prince Has Performed


Enjoy concerts in an elegant ambiance – at this legendary club in the heart of the city.

Multifaceted Zurich

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