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Cheese Fondue Restaurants
Zurich without its traditional Swiss cheese fondue is inconceivable, and Zurich's chefs provide wide-ranging offers for it.

Cheese Fondue Restaurants – Savor the Classic Swiss Dish in Zurich

Regardless of whether in an open-air restaurant, on a boat, on a streetcar or traditionally in a chalet, Zurich's chefs are very creative when it is a matter of staging cheese fondue correctly. You only have to decide which variant you want, and the feast can begin.


A warm and welcoming retreat for those cold, grey days! The Fondue Chalet at Kalanderplatz will spoil you...

The Chäsalp offers an alpine hut ambiance and 15 variations of cheese fondue all year round.
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Creative, cozy and trendy – here there is always plenty to see and enjoy.
RacletteZürcher GeschnetzeltesHashbrown (Rösti)Fondue

Adler’s traditional recipes - “Adler House Fondue” or crispy rosti – are always a delightful surprise....

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Echo restaurant ‒ authentic Swiss cuisine prepared according to original recipes
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Breathtaking view over the city of Zurich, the lake and the Alps ...
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After experiencing a fire in 2007, this medieval guild house with a rich history was completely renovated...


Restaurant Rössli specializes in fresh fish. In the warmer months, you can indulge in the fish gourmet...

Swiss Specialties

Restaurant Gmüetliberg is located on the Uetliberg, Zürich’s local mountain, close to the SZU rail...

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Experience the world’s first Fondue-eTukTuk and enjoy a Swiss cheese fondue on a city tour.

This traditional restaurant is the place to go if you are looking for Swiss cheese specialties in...

Swiss SpecialtiesMediterraneanLunchDinner
The welcoming gourmet restaurant on Lake Zurich pampers its guests with culinary works of art.
Swiss SpecialtiesBrunchLunchDinner
This rustic restaurant is located in the middle of a forest, on the outskirts of the city of Zurich.

Culinary meeting place for all lovers of French-Swiss hospitality and conviviality. Representing the Vaud...

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The name says it all: the menu at the Tessin Grotto features specialties from the sunniest part of...

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Chef Steffen Mutzberg welcomes his guests to Gourmet Restaurant Eden in an elegant, spaciously designed...
The rustic ambiance at the Fondue Chalet Zürichberg guarantees convivial winter evenings.
Swiss Specialties
The Walliser Kanne serves typical Swiss specialties in traditional, rustic surroundings.
Zürcher GeschnetzeltesHashbrown (Rösti)FondueLunchDinner
Traditional Swiss cuisine reinterpreted in a modern way – at the historical Rathaus in Rapperswil.
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Outside unassuming, inside well worth experiencing: here Zurich lives and breathes, almost 24/7.
Swiss Specialties

You will be treated to Swiss specialties with modern influences here in a cozy atmosphere with a lovely...

Outside people are caught up in the hectic city life, while inside you can enjoy the winter.
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