Nature Lovers

Vivianne and Andy Kammermann with Fabio, 15, Lia, 13 and Yorkshire Terrier-Dachshund mix Seebi, 5
Familie Kammermann

Our adorable little rescue dog needs regular walks. At 15, you usually have other things in mind than heading out with your family, but at the end of the day, Fabio enjoys the chance to switch off just as much as his sister does.

Once you open yourself up to the beauty of nature, you can’t escape its grasp. The trip turns into a biology class when Fabio explains to us how moss “turns to stone” and becomes calcareous tufa. Any questions?

A Typical Day Out

We love the area around Zurich. We sail across Lake Zurich on the paddle steamer (which even our teens still find pretty fascinating) to Rapperswil, where the view from the castle overlooking the city has a magnetic pull on us. The Old Town is stunning, but the most spectacular thing is the long jetty over the lake that lets you walk across the water.

Rapperswil, Lake Zurich

“On a leisurely stroll, you have conversations that would never happen at home.” (Vivianne)

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