Rapperswil Castle

Rapperswil Castle is the landmark of the “City of Roses”, located on Lake Zurich.

Rapperswil Castle is the landmark of the picturesque “City of Roses”, which lies on the shores of Lake Zurich. The castle, which was built towards the end of the 12th century and subsequently renovated on a number of occasions, can be seen from far away. It towers high above the town, perched atop a long rocky hill called the Lindenhof, which extends through Rapperswil.

The southern flank of the hill is known as the Schlossberg. This area is home to the oldest vineyard on Lake Zurich, which cultivates wonderful Blauburgunder (Pinot Noir) grapes.

A particular highlight for children is without doubt the north flank of the castle hill, where fallow deer have lived since 1871 as a reminder of the legend surrounding the city’s foundation. Immediately below the deer park are various playground apparatus, such as a climbing wall and a speaking tube, where children can play and let off steam. 

Opening Hours

The interior of the castle is closed until December 2024 due to renovation work.


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Schloss Rapperswil
8640  Rapperswil