Sports Fans

Martina and Matt Begley with Noah, 11, Emma, 10, Lia, 8 and Ben, 6
Familie Begley

Our family of six has a varied and busy schedule. But we’ve all got one thing in common: we love being active. So when we do things together, they usually revolve around sport.

The boys usually want to go on their bikes, and the girls like to try something new – or at least, they insist we change things up. Of course, not everybody is keen on the compromise, but when we get down to it, everyone actually ends up loving it.

A Typical Day Out

We get the bikes out of the basement, put our helmets on and head into the woods. Dad first, then the older kids, who like doing little jumps now and then, and prefer the narrow paths. We decide how long the trip will be on the spur of the moment, depending on the weather and how much time we have. And anyone who feels like it can do another loop.

Familie Begley
Martina’s Tip

Eat before you go – that way, everyone has enough energy and all you need is a snack bar to nibble on.

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