Culture Vultures

Andrea and Rolf Syz with Marla, 13 and Gina, 10
Syz Family

Zurich is a world city with a village feel. That’s what we love about it. It’s got all kinds of arts and culture to enjoy. There’s always something new to discover – even if you’ve lived here your whole life. As a creative family, we love finding inspiration in museums and other cultural offerings.

Although horses are Marla’s greatest love right now, she already understands how art mirrors society. Our youngest is more of an inventor. She loves figuring out and testing all kinds of technical and natural phenomena – when she isn’t practicing her cartwheels, that is.

A Typical Day Out

We go for a stroll by Lake Zurich as a family. We like to stop outside the Pavillon Le Corbusier and imagine we lived there. Sometimes we go inside, or just carry on. We cross the Blatterwiese to the Zürichhorn, where you’ll find the Tinguely Machine. We hope to catch it in motion – which only happens three times a day.

Syz Family, Pavillon Corbusier
Andrea’s tip for visiting museums with kids:

It’s better to spend an hour in the museum and stop for something to drink afterwards, instead of visiting all the exhibitions and losing focus and enjoyment.

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