Cross-Country Skiing near Zurich

Cross-country skiing has long since become a trend sport. And everyone – whether novice, amateur or marathon skier – loves skiing in snow-covered landscapes. In Zurich and the region around Lake Zurich, too, there are many different cross-country ski trails to suit all levels of difficulty.


A fee is payable on many cross-country ski trails – but some are free of charge. Further information can be found on the relevant website. A Cross-Country Ski Pass is recommended for athletes who want to regularly pursue their sport throughout the winter and in different locations in Switzerland.


Cross-country skiers use the trail infrastructure at their own risk and responsibility. Generally, the trails are not checked. In contrast to many other winter activities, cross-country skiing is relatively strenuous. To enjoy the sport to the full, beginners in particular should initially choose short, easy trails.

Special Remarks

Some regions also offer night trails. While cross-country skiing at night along a floodlit trail has a very special appeal, it should not be undertaken alone or by beginners.

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