The iconic grilled bratwurst from the Wiedikon quarter can be enjoyed all year round and tastes just as good from the frying pan as it does from the barbecue.

The sausage was created in the 1990s by master butcher Urs Keller from Wiedikon, and it very quickly gained a large following all over the city. Once an insider tip, it has long since achieved cult status. Many Zurich households always keep a few Wiedikerli in the pantry so that they can put it on the grill whenever the sun makes an appearance.

For the original version, the Metzgerei Keller makes the sausage meat out of lean pork seasoned with fried onions, garlic, and plenty of parsley. For the other types, all kinds of further ingredients are added to give the sausages their characteristic flavor, ranging from hot to fruity.

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