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Guild Houses with Public Restaurants in Zurich

Dine in a History-Steeped Guild House

Dining in style: These Zurich restaurants are housed in history-steeped guild houses.

Zurich’s magnificent guild houses are not just decorative, but also relate a history extending back over centuries. While they serve as meeting places for the respective guilds, some also house first-rate restaurants that are open to the public. The guild houses with public restaurants listed below belong to the oldest guilds in the city, which date as far back as 1336.

Swiss SpecialtiesMediterranean
The Gothic hall in the Restaurant zum Rüden provides a suitable setting for gastronomical experiences in a historic, refined atmosphere.

Swiss SpecialtiesMediterraneanBrunchLunchDinner
The restaurant of the Hotel Storchen Zurich nestles right beside the River Limmat. Tables near windows or on the terrace provide a one-of-a-kind view of the city.

RestaurantsBars & Lounges
Exciting interaction at the “Kitchen Table” in the show kitchen and indulgent moments at the bar.

AsianBars & Lounges
The Blue Monkey Team at Haus der Zunft zur Schneiderin serves wonderful Thai cuisine in an impressive ambience.

Zürcher Geschnetzeltes
The Zunfthaus zur Waag restaurant treats gourmets to first-class, traditional Swiss cuisine.

Zürcher GeschnetzeltesFondueLunchDinnerOnline Bookings
Whether in the rustic “Küfer” room or the magnificent guild hall, you can once again enjoy outstanding, traditional cuisine here featuring many Zürich and Swiss specialties.


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