Rennweg – Once the Widest Street in Zurich

Rennweg was distinguished from other streets in Zurich due to its straightness for a long time and was the widest street in the city at one time.

Rennweg rises gently up a moraine hill from Bahnhofstrasse and runs below Lindenhof. The name was probably derived from "Rain", which means hillside. Rennweg was the widest street in Zurich in the Middle Ages and was especially distinguished from other streets and alleyways in Zurich due to its straightness.

The Rennwegtor gate stood at its lower end as part of the city fortifications. The Fröschegraben trench lay along the city wall, but it was filled in during the 19th century and the Bahnhofstrasse was built on top of it.
Rennweg is the second most exclusive shopping area in Zurich after the Bahnhofstrasse, and its pedestrian zone invites you to stroll and linger.

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