St. Peter – the Oldest Parish Church in Zurich

The St. Peter church in Zurich has the largest church clock face in Europe. Until 1911 the church tower was used as a fire watch post.

The St. Peter church is the oldest parish church in Zurich – with the original 9th century foundation walls still seen today beneath the chancel.

The city’s first mayor, Rudolf Brun, acquired St. Peter's in 1345 with all the associated privileges and obligations. His grave and monument can be found by the outer tower wall. The first reformed pastor, Leo Jud (1523-1542), was a friend of Zwingli and contributed to the first translation of the Bible in Zurich. J.C. Lavater was pastor from 1778-1801. His gravestone can be seen in the church wall.

The church clock face measures 8.7m in diameter. There are five bells dating from 1880 in the tower – the largest of which weighs over six tons without its clapper.

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