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Zurich with Children

Children will never get bored in Zurich, for the city offers a host of exciting experiences for all ages and interests – whether sport, nature, technology, or art.

For families with children, Zurich is an amazing experience and the destination for many family excursions. Thanks to the short distances and huge range of leisure activities, in Zurich children can find a world abounding in wonder, spectacle, and nature.

At Zurich Zoo, young visitors come face to face with their favorite animals – from the common to the exotic. On an excursion up the Uetliberg, in the region around Lake Zurich, or into Switzerland’s magnificent Alpine world, they can breathe in the fresh air, and encounter squirrels, woodpeckers, and owls in the woods. The wildlife parks are home to native animals, such as foxes, deer, and bears. And in the Höllgrotten caves, up-and-coming explorers can even take a look underground.

When the weather is poor, the best place to be is in a museum: many of Zurich’s establishments organize fun exhibitions and workshops that are specially geared towards children. The Tonhalle concert hall, Tanzhaus dance center, and various theaters all offer special children’s programs. And the Aathal Dinosaur Museum, Kyburg Castle near Winterthur, Swiss Children’s Museum in Baden, and University of Zurich Zoological Museum are just some of the favorite places in Zurich to visit with children.

You can find many more ideas for family excursions and leisure activities in Zurich and surrounding region at kinderregion.ch


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