Olé Olé Bar

What is arguably the most legendary bar in the city of Zurich is located in the heart of the Langstrasse quarter and is a popular meeting place for one and all.

The Olé Olé has been an inherent part of Langstrasse for over 50 years, and has experienced five eventful decades: Langstrasse was home to drugs, prostitution and rocker gangs before it mutated into Zurich’s entertainment district. Nowadays, the bar is very successfully run by three young women, although its clientele has remained an eclectic mix.

Here everyone feels at ease, whether bankers or students, tourists or locals, young or old. Incidentally, there is also a cash dispenser in the bar – although the owners naturally prefer for the bar not to be used as a bank.

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A visit to the Olé Olé comes either at the beginning or at the end of the evening. The bar, which is managed by three women, has a perfect location – from here, you can head off in any direction. The Olé Olé isn’t an elegant locale, but is best described as ‘rough and ready’.

Marc Blickenstorfer
Marc knows Zurich’s nightlife like the back of his hand.

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 5.00pm – 4.00am
Sunday 5.00pm – 2.00am