Hotel Bar

The reception area of what used to be a sleazy hotel that was booked by the hour has now been transformed into a bar for long, convivial nights.

  • Close to Langstrasse
    Music from the record player
    Attractive outdoor area
  • Long opening hours

The great thing about hotel bars is that they are places where you can feel anonymous and free, yet at the same safe and secure.

The “Hotel Bar” on Feldstrasse in the Langstrasse quarter has captured this feeling exactly: dark, locally-made leather upholstery and night-blue walls give rise to a cozy, dimly-lit ambiance; even the lights are discreetly veiled in tiny curtains. This is the place for deep conversations and even deeper gazes.

With great skill and experience, the new team have transformed the reception of the sleazy Contiki hotel into one of the most tasteful and pleasant bars in the area. What’s more, the drinks menu is just as stylishly curated as the furnishings. 

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Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday, 4pm – 2am
Friday & Saturday, 4pm – 4.30am