Cozy Cafés in Zurich’s Wintertime
These Zurich cafés warm your body, heart, and soul during the cold winter months.

Cozy Cafés for the Cold Season

When it’s cold outside, snow is falling, and the streets are covered in ice, these cozy cafés are the perfect place to take a welcome break from the elements.

There is nothing better in the wintertime than to warm up with a cup of tea, cocoa, or coffee in a comfortable café. On your own or with friends or family, a little time out in your favorite café warms your heart and your soul. A good brunch or a piece of cake soon make the world look a whole lot better, even when it’s bitterly cold outside.

For Romantics

Café Schober

In the lavishly decorated Café Schober, housed in a listed building in the Old Town, it feels a little like the tea party in “Alice in Wonderland”.
For Fans of Colonial Goods


For 150 years, the name Schwarzenbach has been synonymous with choice coffee, spices, tea, and many other products from distant shores.
For Lovers of Tradition


Few names represent Zurich café society quite as much as Sprüngli, home of light and fluffy Luxemburgerli, delicious Bircher muesli, and fine coffee.
For Coffee Cantata Singers


The libretto to Bach’s Coffee Cantata was written by Christian F. Henrici. The café named after him celebrates the very finest of coffee culture.
For Locals


Kafischnaps moved into the premises of a former butcher’s shop and is now a popular café with the neighborhood’s locals.
For Home Lovers

Babu’s Bakery

Wooden tables and chairs, the pretty decor, and delicious pancakes, cakes, muesli, coffee, and tea give Babu’s that special home-from-home feeling.
For Book Lovers


Drink coffee and browse through beautiful books? That’s what book lovers can do at their leisure in the Kosmos café and bookstore on Langstrasse.
For Everyone

Kafi fürDich

As the name of this cozy café suggests, this is the place “for you.” And you. And you. For families, for individuals, for friends.
For Design Lovers

Café Z am Park

Designer chairs and lamps, fresh bistro cooking, and the best coffee await guests in the peaceful setting of Café Z am Park, in the west of Zurich.
For the Sophisticated

Café Felix am Bellevue

The coffeehouse at the famous Confiserie Teuscher is a place for bon vivants with class. Naturally there are Teuscher chocolates to go with the coffee.
For Italy Lovers

La Stanza

Patrons of La Stanza drink their exquisite espresso exactly like in Italy, standing at the bar as the world goes on around them.
For Flaneurs

Café Grande

A stroll along the banks of the Limmat is likely to include a stop for coffee and cake at the busy – and funnily enough quite small – Café Grande.
For Friends

Café des Amis

Outside on the terrace or inside the attractive lounge, everyone feels at home in the comfortable, frill-free, and friendly Café des Amis.

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