Mountain Bike Trails on the Uetliberg in Zurich

The Uetliberg is the local “mountain” of the city of Zurich. Thus mountain bikers do not have to travel far to have fun on some official bike trails.

There are two mountain bike trails on Zurich’s Uetliberg: the Triemli Bike Trail (also known as the Antenna Trail) and the Höckler Bike Trail.

1. Triemli Bike Trail ("Antenna Trail")

This single trail is the longer of the two and starts directly under the transmitter antenna next to the barbecue area on the Uetliberg. The finish is just above the SZU Triemli train station.

Altitude difference 350m (1,150ft)
Trail length 3.5km (2.2 miles)
Trail width 30–60 cm (1‒2ft)
Biking time approx. 11 minutes down,
approx. 30 minutes up

2. Höckler Bike Trail

The Höckler single trail is short, but at times very steep. It can be easily integrated into longer tours.

Altitude difference 100m (330ft)
Trail length 500m (1,640ft)
Trail width 30–60cm (1‒2ft)


Zürich Main Station 4.8 km
Zürich Airport 12.6 km
Biketrails Uetliberg
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