Families in Zurich

Adventures for young explorers, noble princesses and brave adventurers

Little princesses, brave safari adventurers and inquisitive investigators will experience days in Zurich they will never forget. Choose a topic above that is of the most interest to your child and discover great ideas for excursions the entire family will enjoy.

Those in the know purchase the best toys and nicest children’s clothing at the traditional stores Franz Carl Weber and Tigerfink.
Countless cafes and restaurants welcome children; for example, Kafi für Dich with its painting wall just for the little ones.


Experiment, explore, make new discoveries: no matter whether in the great outdoors or at the natural science museum – your little discoverers can explore the Zurich region and discover the mysteries of the world.

Princesses and knights

Your little medieval enthusiasts can visit the magnificent castles in Zurich and the surrounding region, explore deserted fortress ruins and marvel at the exciting stories of noble kings and brave knights.

Safari travelers

Giraffes, elephants and other exotic giants await brave safari adventurers in Zurich and the Lake Zurich region. Native wildlife, gorgeous plants and exciting excursion ideas transform leisure time in Zurich into a true safari.

Public transportation in Zurich is child-friendly: SBB trains have sections for children, and the newer trams are easy to board and exit even with strollers and buggies.
Parks and playgrounds in the heart of the city offer a great place for picnics, playing ball, swings and slides.

More information

You can find many more ideas for family excursions and leisure activities in Zurich and surrounding region at kinderregion.ch

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