Around Lake Zurich

The lake is the landmark of the city and region of Zurich. It connects Zurich with Rapperswil and offers numerous activities by, on, and in the water.
Around Lake Zurich

Zurich’s Great Love

It would be impossible to imagine the city of Zurich without its lake. The locals swim in the deep-blue water in summer, picnic on its shores, cycle all the way around it, and use the cruise boats as a leisurely means of getting from A to B.

Lake Cruises

An Absolute Must

Anyone visiting Zurich should definitely not miss going on a boat trip. Gliding through the water, passengers can see the snow-capped Alps on the horizon, but also the next excursion destinations ahead: Ufenau Island, the Lindt Home of Chocolate, Rapperswil Castle, or a winery near Stäfa.

Boat Trip on Lake Zurich

The Lake Zurich Navigation Company ZSG offers daily round trips, as well as various special cruises. How about a Brunch Cruise, for example? Or perhaps you would prefer to dance the salsa as the lakeshore passes by? Themed dinners complete the program.

To the Program

Off to the Island

Vacation by the Water

Did you know that the largest island in Switzerland lies in Lake Zurich? It is the tiny Ufenau Island – or, as the locals call it, "Ufnau" – which has been owned by Einsiedeln Abbey since the year 965. It is home to abbey-owned vineyards, a chapel, and an attractive restaurant.

Directly next to Ufnau is the smaller Lützelau Island. There is a campground here and swimming is permitted – unlike on Ufnau.


Restaurants by the Water

Local, Fresh Culinary Delights

Restaurant Lake Side

The quiet lapping of the water on the shore, freshly cooked fish on your plate, and particularly romantic sunsets over the lake: the restaurants by the water emanate a Mediterranean ambiance.

Restaurants by the Water or With a Lakeview


Bathing, Relaxing, Sunbathing

Zurich is renowned for its many open-air bathing facilities. The best thing about it is that there are countless other lidos all around the lake!

Bicycle Routes

Around Lake Zurich on Two Wheels

Yes, it is possible to cycle around Lake Zurich in one go. But since it is a distance of an impressive 90 kilometers (56 miles), it is only recommended for experienced cyclists. If you prefer a more leisurely ride, you can take Cycle Route 66. It wends its way from Zurich to Rapperswil along the right bank of Lake Zurich through picturesque neighborhoods and vineyards.

The so-called Heart Route (Cycle Route 99) takes cyclists once around the Obersee and as far as the famous abbey village of Einsiedeln.

Bike Route 66, Vineyards

Bicycle Routes by the Lake:

Lake Zurich Wine-Growing Region

Hike to the Wine

Höcklistein Winery

Lake Zurich is also a wine-growing region. And one grape variety – the Räuschling – is almost exclusively cultivated by Lake Zurich. The wineries on the lakeshore are open to visitors. The best way is to combine a wine-tasting visit with a hike along the vineyards.

These are the wineries on Lake Zurich

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