Discover Zurich in 3 Hours
Do you want to make the most of your layover in Zurich? Those with little time to spare can explore 10 top sights on this circular route.

10 Highlights in 3 Hours – Travel Itinerary for Zurich

The Grossmünster, the Opera House and Chagall’s famous stained-glass windows – on this stroll through Zurich’s Old Town, you can experience the highlights of the city.

Sometimes time is simply too short and a sightseeing tour has to be kept to a minimum. However, in Zurich this is not a problem – for these 10 attractions, which are an absolute must for any visit to Zurich, can be easily explored in the course of an afternoon. So if you want to make the most of your stopover in Zurich, follow this route through the old town.

Spending 24 hours or three days in Zurich? Here you can find some suitable itineraries for a longer stay.

24 hours in Zurich 3 days in Zurich


Sightseeing Route

Start 2.00pm
Main Train Station
The main hub of the city. Some 450,000 commuters, tourists and workers pass through Zurich’s main train station every day.



In the course of a stroll through this part of the Old Town, you can discover countless shopping gems, pretty cafés and time-honored guild houses.

Cabaret Voltaire

The building where the wild art movement, Dada, was born is located at Spiegelgasse 1. Now it is a café, museum, theater stage and store all in one.


Zurich’s landmark rises up over the River Limmat. One of its towers – the Karlsturm – can be climbed and offers breathtaking views over the city.


Here – between the lake and Zurich Opera House – the traditional Zurich spring festival, Sechseläuten, is held every year.


The church opposite the Grossmünster impresses with its magnificent stained glass windows by Marc Chagall.
Bahnhofstrasse – Zurich's Shopping Boulevard


Zurich’s world-famous and luxurious shopping mile invites you to enjoy a lengthy window-shopping spree.

St. Peter’s Church

The Church of St. Peter in Zurich boasts the largest church tower clock face in Europe.


One of the oldest spots in the city of Zurich. From here, you can enjoy the most beautiful views of the Grossmünster and the guild houses opposite.


"Schipfe" is one of the oldest quarters of the city of Zurich and runs below Lindenhof...


The top floor of the Observatory houses the Jules Verne Bar, offering spectacular panoramic views. Your 3-hour Stroll Through the Old Town ends here.

Multifaceted Zurich

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