Zunfthaus zur Waag

For the last 700 years or so, the Haus zur Waag has served as the guild house of the wool and linen weavers. The restaurant treats gourmets to first-class, traditional cuisine.

Traditional yet creative: the menu entices with sophisticated dishes, such as tuna sashimi, cep gratin or roasted pheasant breast with a grape sauce. However, the Zunfthaus zur Waag is best known for its Zürcher Geschnetzeltes – Zurich-style sliced veal in a creamy sauce – which is served to guests in the elegant Biedermeier room. From here, there is a wonderful view of the Münsterhof, one of the most charming squares in Zurich’s Old Town.

Incidentally, the Dadaists’ first official Soirée was held at the Zunfthaus zur Waag in July 1916. It was here that Hugo Ball read out his Dada Manifesto, in which he indicated that he was already turning his back on Dada.

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