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Superior wines from the largest island in Switzerland.

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The island of Ufenau lies in the middle of the beautiful Lake Zurich. It is the largest island in Switzerland and in the possession of Einsiedeln Abbey.

Both Pinot Noir and the local grape variety, Räuschling, are cultivated on Ufenau. Subsequently, the grapes are processed at Einsiedeln Abbey, in its wine cellar dating from 1704. The Abbey winery’s premium wines, “Konvent” and “Cuva”, are still fermented in traditional oak barrels to this day.

The Abbey also runs a restaurant on Ufenau Island, which is quickly and easily reached by the regular boat service or by water taxi. Here, guests can enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Zurich and the vineyards while treating themselves to a glass of fine Abbey wine.

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Monday – Friday, 8am – 12pm & 1.30 – 5pm