Zurich’s Mushroom Season
Edible wild mushrooms are sprouting from the ground in the forests around the city, and often end up in the cooking pots at the following restaurants.

The Mushroom Season in Zurich

In late summer and fall, practiced eyes can spot a variety of edible wild mushrooms in the forests close to Zurich and throughout the surrounding region. These delicacies often end up on the plates at many local restaurants.

In Switzerland, food lovers particularly look forward to fall ‒ for that is also the game and mushroom season. But what many people do not know is that all kinds of well-known edible mushrooms grow in the urban forests around Zurich – such as porcini, puffball mushrooms, parasol mushrooms and various types of russula, as well as button and blusher mushrooms. Even Burgundy truffles can be found close to the city.

Zurich Truffle Market
Truffle markets enjoy a long tradition in France and Italy. Now they are becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland, too. In Weiningen, west of Zurich, truffles are sold at the end of September (this year on Saturday, September 30, from 9.00am–4.00pm), together with delicious truffle-based products such as truffle salt, truffle butter or truffle honey.

Further Information: Truffle-schnueffler.ch

Foraging for Mushrooms Yourself
Of course, expert mushroom pickers will never reveal the exact places to find mushrooms, but this much can be said: edible mushrooms can be found in fall on the Uetliberg, Hönggerberg and Zürichberg. As far as picking is concerned, the following regulations apply in Canton Zurich: it is not permitted to pick mushrooms during the first 10 days of the month; after that, a maximum of 1kg (2.2lbs) per day/person.

Mushroom Inspection Office
Great care should be always taken when picking mushrooms. Many edible mushrooms closely resemble poisonous ones, which can lead to anything from relatively harmless stomach disorders to death by poisoning. Consequently, it is always advisable to get your mushrooms officially identified at an inspection office (this service is free of charge). Incidentally, one of Zurich’s 33 cantonal and official mushroom inspection offices is located just a stone’s throw from the Main Train Station.

Further information: vapko.ch

Mushrooms in Zurich’s Gastronomic Trade
Those who do not want to spend time hunting for mushrooms themselves can find delicious mushroom dishes on the menus at these Zurich restaurants in the next days and weeks:


Mushrooms in a Glass

Zunfthaus zur Waag

The Zunfthaus zur Waag serves fresh wild mushrooms in a glass as a starter. They are accompanied by crumble made from Hokkaido squash.
Pastries with Mushroom Ragout


Vol-au-vents filled with mushroom ragout can be enjoyed at the Zeughauskeller, served with home-made spätzli, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, glazed chestnuts and grapes.
Lasagna with Chanterelles

Laufen Castle

In the Castle restaurant, which looks out directly onto the Rhine Falls, guests can savor mouthwatering chanterelle lasagna or summer truffle ravioli.
Various Mushroom Specialties

Caduff’s Wine Loft

Porcini risotto, morel cream soup, or a tasty mushroom sauce: these can be enjoyed at Caduff’s Wine Loft during Mushroom Week from October 3–7.
Hot Colonial


Mushrooms are a popular ingredient at the vegetarian Hiltl restaurant. Particularly tasty is the “Scharfes Colonial” with mushrooms and madras sauce.
Game with Mushrooms


Saddle of venison with chanterelles, or deer ragout with porcini mushrooms? At the Ziegelhütte, game is skillfully combined with various mushrooms.
Swiss Truffles

Restaurant Rechberg 1837

The Restaurant Rechberg 1837 serves classy cuisine ‒ such as poached egg with palm kale and savoy cabbage, garnished with Swiss Burgundy truffles.

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