The Best Ice Cream Parlors in Zurich

In summer, what better way to enjoy a stroll through the city than with a fruity ice cream in your hand? So here are our ice cream tips for Zurich.

What could be more pleasant in summer than relaxing in an outdoor bathing facility or strolling through a park or beside Lake Zurich licking a fruity ice cream? In the following gelaterias, you can find the most delicious sorbets made from fruit juice, frozen yoghurts, vegan or lactose-free ice creams, and, of course, traditional Italian gelati.

Lakeside Ice Cream Stand

Gelati am See

In summer, this charming ice cream stand is based at Riesbach Harbor on Lake Zurich, and has delighted customers with awesome ice creams since 1998.
Italian at Heart

Konditorei Caredda

In summer, Paolo Caredda sells home-made ice cream in his confectionery store. And as a native of Ischia, he knows exactly how gelati should taste!
Tradition and Innovation

Glaceladen Neptun

The first Sorbetto ice creams were sold by bicycle; nowadays, these popular delicacies are available in many stores, including this ice cream parlor.
Italian Flair

Gelateria di Berna

Guests at the Gelateria di Berna get a real vacation feeling. The delicious ice creams mentally transport them directly onto an Italian beach.
Argentinian Fire

Hasta Ice Cream

The ice creams at Hasta, whose founder lived in Argentina for 20 years and is now presenting his creations in Zurich, are full of Argentinian fire.
The Vegan Ice Cream


Anyone who thinks that vegan ice cream tastes awful could not be more wrong, and should make haste to the Vegelateria to find out the real story.
The Insider Tip
The Gelateria Rosso Arancio at Stauffacher in the heart of Zurich is a top insider tip.
The Classic


Every child in Switzerland is familiar with the Mövenpick brand. It is sold in many food outlets, as well as in its own ice cream store at Bellevue.
Little Italy

Dieci Niederdorf

Dieci brings Italy to Switzerland. However, the gastro firm does not “only” make pizzas, but also sells delicious gelati in the Niederdörfli.

Multifaceted Zurich

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