Sihlcity – Leisure, Shopping and Entertainment in Zurich Enge

In Sihlcity shopping and entertainment have taken over from where industry came to a halt.

The Sihlcity shopping and leisure center was built on the Sihl premises in 2007. From 1837 until the first excavating machines started work in 2003, paper was produced on this same site. A 213-foot brick chimney and three other buildings have been successfully integrated into this “city within a city” - hearkening back to the industrialization era when people worked 12 hours a day.
Today, Sihlcity displays a more easygoing side. Visitors can enjoy themselves at one of the restaurants and bars, or relax in the Migros Fitness Park. For a change of pace, there are also movie theaters and special events to choose from. Sihlcity has a treat in store for its youngest guests, too: Minicity Sihlcity has its own childcare facilities, where parents can leave their children for an hour or two. It houses a cuddly toy zoo, a reading bus, a large handicraft corner, and much more besides – plenty, therefore, to ensure that children have a great time.

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Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 9.00am – 8.00pm