Alpine Panorama Trail Unterägeri – Zug

Experience Switzerland as if it were straight out of a promotional video: this is possible on the route between Unterägeri and Zug.

Route Description

If you want to hike surrounded by scenery that looks like it has come straight out of a movie, the around 13 km (8 mile) long route between the lakes of Unterägeri and Zug is the perfect choice. Along the way, you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the nearby mountains, upland moors, countless cherry trees, hilly landscapes, and wonderful flora and fauna. The trail begins in the center of Unterägeri and, passing by farmhouses, before long continues along gravel roads and paths through hilly, wooded landscapes. The destination Zug, with Lake Zug, soon comes into view. The picturesque, baroque St. Verena Chapel and the Capuchin monastery, Maria Opferung (Presentation of the Virgin Mary), are the last stops before descending to Lake Zug.

Particularly Recommended

The St. Verena Chapel as well as the Old Town of Zug are very picturesque.

Catering Facilities En Route

Around halfway along the trail is the Alpwirtschaft Brunegg. Of course, there are also a number of restaurants in Unterägeri and Zug, which are looking forward to our visit.

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Zürich Main Station 26.9 km
Zürich Airport 35 km
Unterägeri Zentrum
Zugerstrasse 21
6314  Unterägeri