Maurice de Mauriac – Watches Made by Zurich

At Maurice de Mauriac, watch connoisseurs can find top-quality, customized timepieces.

  • Customized watches adjusted to suit individual wishes
    Central location in the city
    Personal advice

In order for watches to become intense, sensual experiences, they need a space in which to unfold their sensuality – and the Maurice de Mauriac atelier, which also doubles up as a store, allows them to do just that. Here, they become catchers, orchestrators, keepers, users and wasters of time.

Maurice de Mauriac watches do not just appeal to the eye, but are also vibrantly tactile. Their ticking delights the ear, and the leather straps give off a scent and tell of their origins.

The atelier is dominated by what is best described as a “table university”: a space where people from all over the world get together with company founder Daniel and his sons Massimo and Leonard over an espresso. Knowledge, experiences, ideas and stories are exchanged at a table overflowing with devotional objects and unusual artefacts. It goes without saying that these watches become living testimonies of the times.

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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm
Saturday 11am – 2pm or on appointment private view

Video & 360°

Maurice de Mauriac Watchmaker's Movie