Experience Asian cuisine in elegant surroundings: the Hato offers both diversity and class.

In this restaurant, great attention is paid to freshness and attention to detail. This clearly manifests itself in the stylish, rather dark-colored decor, the precise arrangement of the dishes and the delicious flavors.

Guests who enjoy the variety of Asian cuisine are at the right address here – there is dim sum, sushi, fish, meat, and much more besides. In addition, the Hato has its own fish market, open show kitchen and sushi station. At lunchtime, the food is served in bento boxes, while in the evening the choice is à la carte.

Eating in the private dining room, with its Lalique interior design, is a very special experience. The chandelier costing CHF 90,000 is a real eye catcher.

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Opening Hours

Tuesday–Friday, 11.30am–2.30pm & 6.00pm–12.00 midnight
Saturday, 6.00pm–12.00 midnight

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